Product Introduction

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Smart Emergency Calling Low Radiation Restricted Use in class Strange Call Firewall Protection GPS+LBS Dual Location Family numbers up to 6 SOS button Forbidden in Class: SMS and call is not available in class mode. Remote Voice Monitoring: call back Check home work in APP Ask for leave online

Detail Description

7D300S is a long-standby Student ID card GPS Tracker, it supports 3 SOS numbers and family numbers with fashionable design, very user friendly. It can not only provide your children a safe situation, know their status real time, but also help your children avoid wasting too much time in playing mobile phone.


  • Smart Emergency Calling

  • Alarm Clock

  • Low Radiation

  • Restricted Use in class

  • Strange Call Firewall Protection

  • GPS+LBS Dual Location

  • Four family numbers

  • SOS button for 3 SOS Numbers

  • Forbidden in Class: The phone is not allowed to use in class to avoid interruption except for SOS Emergency calls.            

  • Restriction for calling time: The guardians can set a time-limit for children to avoid too long talking & save the money.              

  • Remote Voice Monitoring

Feel relax when it is with your kid.

Introduction of 7D300S

Parents can set Geo-fence on the map, when the kids in/out fence, device will send notification by SMS/ Mobile application / web account to the parents. it is in " real time tracking mode"

Voice Monitor is the Call Back function, parents after login mobile applicaiton, click : Voice monitor , our server will send a GPRS command to ID card to ask it call to the target number, while without the user knows. So the parents can hear what is happening around the kids

when kids are in Class mode, SMS and call is not reachnable in case of any disturb.

Only the family numbers can call in, strangers call will be automatically hung up for protecting our kids from any unexpected issues.

when in emergency , long press the SOS button for 3+seconds, ID card will call all the family numbers in turn.

When the SIM Cover is opened, it will send "anti-tamper" alarm to the first family number and notifiaction in mobile app and web account.

Low battery alarm

2.4GHZ Attendance System (optional) , there is the unique ID tag of each ID card 7D300S, active type, when the student pass by the school gate, the RFID reader will read the ID tag to the attendance report. The read distance can be 80meters, but mainly we set it as 30meters.

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